Bộ báo cháy sớm Dahua HY-ASD420B


  • Bộ báo cháy sớm Dahua HY-ASD420B
  • Precise detection: immune to moisture or dirt particles thanks to infrared and blue light dual-wave length laser particle identification technology
    24/7 self-learning: environment dynamic self-learning algorithm enables the environment adaptation in the monitored region
    Intelligent monitoring: advanced MEMS airflow sensing technology is capable of monitoring pipe fault and blockage
    Dual detection: verifying smoke and gas (supports standard Figaro CO sensor and other customized smoke)
    Test function: one-click button to test key components
    User-friendly interaction: a 7-inch color touch panel for displaying smoke concentration. Configuring parameters directly from the user interface without physical access to the device
    Detection chamber self-cleaning: continuous airflow allows the self-cleaning in laser detection chamber
    Large monitoring area: Max. length of a sampling pipe is 120, the maximum number of sampling holes is 30, and the monitoring area surpasses 2000 ㎡
    Easy maintenance: intelligently monitoring sensor life, conveniently replacing the old sensor
    United calibration: based on smoke concentration detection, the smoke chamber is 100% calibrated
    Smart IoT: connect to the IoT platform via the Ethernet port, RS-485, 4G, and CAT1
    Diversified operation modes: supports the independent operation and connection to remote CRT software or IoT platform through RS-485
    Customized events: support customized events covering alarm and fault. Conveniently integrated into the third-party devices
    Records query: supports a total of 200,000 records
    Remote control: remotely reset through the switch interface or IoT platform to quickly address the alarm
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