Trung tâm báo cháy địa chỉ Dahua HY-1022


    • Trung tâm báo cháy địa chỉ Dahua HY-1022
    • > Two-wire and polarity-free: The system loop line adopts two-wire and polarity-free communication power supply technology without external power supply. Strong anti-interference, convenient wiring, improved system reliability and stability, easy construction and installation, reduced project cost, and convenient later stage maintenance
      > Intuitive display: 480 × 272 4.3’’ LCD screen provides a highly intuitive interface, allowing the user to fully setup the system without the need of any external tool
      > Ultra-long history record: Save historical events for a long time that can be inquired and printed in various ways such as time and type
      > Intelligent power supply: With automatic switching between the main and backup power and the charging and discharging functions, it ensures the stable power supply of the system to the greatest extent
      > Protection design: Short circuit, open circuit and overcurrent protection to ensure stable operation
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