The detector has wide-angle sensitivity that can reliably and quickly detect weak ultraviolet radiations emitted by flame. It will not react to room illuminations, infrared or other light sources unrelated to real fire.

Installation Instructions

  • Install at obstruction-free places.
  • Avoid installing near mercury lamps, halogen lamps and sterilization lamps.
  • Avoid installing within sensitive range of welding sparks and radiation.


  • Premises with higher ceilings: theater, gym, storage, gallery or warehouse, etc.
  • Places where fires happen easily: places storing with combustible goods, gas stations, factory working places, machine rooms, etc.
  • Ventilate places: open markets, station platforms, hotel lobbies, department stores, etc. (places that smoke and heat can not gather during early period of fire)
  • Others: tunnels, computer rooms, etc.
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